Mattel India launched Delhi edition of Mattel Scrabble Challenge, 2016

Mattel India brought the classic game of Scrabble to life for the city-kids across Delhi this December. Mattel India launched the Mattel Scrabble Challenge last month in an effort to get kids to step away from their online and video gaming habits with the all-time favorite vocabulary enhancing game, Scrabble.

Marketing Head, Mattel Toys – Lokesh Kataria said “Scrabble is a game that always spells F-U-N! and is one of the most widely played board games across the world.  It is also used as an educational tool. The game tests vocabulary and initiates wordplay, building on language and cognitive skills.” Mattel Toys took the board game to over 30 schools in Delhi. The program, which began with educating the students and getting them accustomed with the nuances of playing the classic board game, was followed by training them and finally culminated in a city-final which was held at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi on the 22nd of this month.

School children from 6th to 10th standard across 30 Delhi schools participated in this championship. The winners of the championship were awarded by Mr Sunny Bhatia, winner of the National Scrabble Championship held in Pune.


Enclosed below is the result for Mattel Scrabble Challenge, 2016:

Mattle Scrabble Challenge – 2016
6th Std
1 Prithu Menon Sanskriti School
2 Devi Sankhla Bluebells School International Kailash Colony
3 Anika Gupta Sanskriti School
7th Std
1 Asmi Malhotra Bal Bharti Public School, PP
2 Aditi Aravali International School
3 Naina Sehrawat Queens Valley School
8th Std
1 Priyanshu Jain Aravali International School
2 Shivain Ajay Iyer Sanskriti School
3 Arya Sunil Bharti Public School
9th Std
1 Ayesha Sood Bal Bharti Public School
2 Raghav Arya Bal Bharti Public School
3 Deepmala Kumari Aravali International School
10th Std
1 Vaishali Arora Manav Rachna International School
2 Pranjal Batra Queens Valley School
3 Ritik Garg Bal Bharti Public School


The parent of a participant said, “My son didn’t expect to enjoy the game, but I insisted since Scrabble was my favourite game growing up. 20 minutes into the event, he was a fan too! Scrabble is a game where you are always learning and building your vocabulary. As a mother, I was so glad that my son was learning while having fun.”

The program has reached out to over 36000 kids in Mumbai and Delhi put together. Apart from getting experts to design the content of the practice worksheets, the Scrabble Association of India has also participated in conducting and arbitrating the workshop and the City Finals where 120 kids from 30 Delhi schools squared off.



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