Spark the creative instinct of your child with just one box!

Build your child’s creativity with LEGO’s The Build Amazing Starter Set for kids

A child needs to have a creative flair to think out of the box, to see what no one else can, and to make happen what no one possibly had ever imagined… and it all begins right from childhood. Enabling your kid to model his or her unique creativity at the most opportune moment, LEGO, the iconic building block manufacturer has launched Build Amazing Starter Sets in India. Priced between INR 399 to INR 2,500, the unisex building set for the age groups of 4 to 12 years is available at Hamleys, Funskool, Crossword, and Landmark toy stores all across India and also on online platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon.

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A very remarkable activity is happening in your brain right now. It is transmitting electrical signals via synapses from one neuron to another. But putting even you to envy, the little toddler sitting right next to you has more brain connections than you do at present. How many will remain by the time he or she reaches your age? And more importantly, will the ones that make him or her an inventive leader stick around? It only depends on how he or she is making use of the brain power at the moment. LEGO’s Build Amazing Starter Sets are the perfect way to ensure that your child’s inherent cognitive and cerebral strengths are honed right and are given that perfect razor-sharp edge.

At the launch, LEGO spokesperson said, “A child’s brain is unrestrained from the shackles of formal structuring that we’ve all passed through over the period of time. It is an undiscovered realm deriving some of the most unique ideas, and laying the foundation of the very innovative instinct that all of us strive for. But the only way to tap their inventiveness is by enabling them to model their brain’s creation and turn them into real-life structures. LEGO’s Build Amazing Starter Sets, with its most eclectic building set, is the perfect tool to do the same. With the launch of LEGO’s latest offering, to make your child think out of the box, now all you need to do is open one.”

LEGO’s Build Amazing Starter Sets are in line with the brand’s overarching objective to nurture children’s creativity and unlock their true potential for a successful future. You can also bear witness to this change as your young one turns the LEGO blocks in the shape of a rocket, a candy cloud, flying house, a tree, a spacecraft or even a full-fledged township your child no longer has to hold back his or her creative ideas. The easy-to-build figures are based on more than an 85 years expertise of the global manufacturer and employ the use of child safe materials.


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